About Us

East Jasmine Review is an online literary magazine. We publish fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction on a rolling basis. Our first goal is to publish diverse voices that may not have mainstream access or traditional access to publishing. This includes but is not limited to LGBTQIA, ethnic minorities, women, lower socio-economic status, chronically-ill, disabled persons, those who are older or younger, religious minorities, and non-American persons. We are looking to build an inclusive online community and audience for our voices. Our second goal is to earn enough revenue to pay for 1) web hosting fees, 2) promotional material, and 3) small publication payments to authors.

We are about fresh voices, fresh thoughts, fresh perspectives in the areas of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We are looking for insightful articles about writing and the writing life, and thought provoking book reviews. We like passion, new experiences, new definitions. We like the unconventional and the familiar. We like the macabre and the humorous.

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