Volume 4, Issue 1


Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 1: where we have gathered some of the best writing we’ve come across over the last six months. We have some great poetry, fiction that makes us question our humanity, and relatable nonfiction.

East Jasmine has been working through some changes, and we are continuing to figure out how we work best. This issue has been delayed a bit longer than anticipated (we are very busy!) but we think you’ll enjoy it. We strive to bring you the best of what we read, to challenge perceptions and offer unique points of view from all walks of life. We believe in our work.

We’d also like to share what we’ve been writing and publishing, so you can know more about us (yes! we are writers too!). Please check out the short story “That You Were Meant for Great Things” by Stephanie Barbé Hammer and “Anxiety” in Incandescent Mind Journal, Volume One by K. Andrew Turner. Also, look out for Meet the Systems, edited by Viannah Duncan and myself, featuring our work as well coming out soon.

Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without the fabulous writers that send us their work and without our wonderful editor, or you, our readers.

K. Andrew Turner, Editor-in-Chief


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