Volume 3, Issue 2

coverWe are late … again.

It so happens that East Jasmine Review has had to take a back-burner the past couple months. I’ve been dealing with severe muscle pain that is (thankfully) a lot better. I’ve also been dealing with mental health issues—which if you follow my blog kandrewturner.wordpress.com, you are aware of. It’s been a very energy-intensive journey for me, and so I’ve had to cut back on just about everything.

Here at East Jasmine Review, we aim to bring you the best of what we read. To focus on this and our mission of publishing writers without traditional access to mainstream publishing, we will be moving to a semi-annual e-publication. It’s taking us longer to read through and put issues together. We will most likely be adding some stories/poems to our website to keep you all engaged while you wait for our issues.

Thank you again for your support of East Jasmine Review. Without you and our wonderful writers, we wouldn’t be here.

K. Andrew Turner

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