Volume 3, Issue 1


Our Poetry Editor Viannah Duncan will be attending HippoCamp 2015, a nonfiction writer’s conference in Lancaster, PA hosted by Hippocampus Magazine August 7-9. She is presenting a workshop “Nonfictitious Poetry.” If you are attending the conference, please stop by and say hello. Viannah’s previous role at East Jasmine was Nonfiction Editor and she’s highly qualified to teach you some awesome things. Congratulations Viannah!

In other news, East Jasmine Review has been working on putting together an anthology of the best of our first two years. If you haven’t subscribed to our email list, do so here. We will be emailing out more information within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open.

As always, please enjoy the issue before you. Tell your friends, relatives, etc about our magazine if you find it enjoyable. If you are a writer or know writers, send them our way! We are always looking for strong fiction and nonfiction.

K. Andrew Turner


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