Volume 2, Issue 4


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It’s here. This issue has been a long time coming (sorry it’s a little bit later than usual).

First, I want to say thank you to my editors for helping out so much this past issue: I couldn’t have done it without you. Second, to the contributors for making this issue so fantastic.

If you follow me online, you may have noticed that I pulled my neck. I don’t recommend you try that at home. It’s awful. For the past two months I’ve been able to work (for a few weeks there, just barely: honestly, I don’t know how I made it through) and sleep. I’ve listened to more than my fair share of audiobooks—there isn’t much to do when resting flat. Anyway, it’s been a trial! If your interested, I’ve posted a blog about it here. Currently undergoing physical therapy and maintaining my rest schedule seems to help.

Anyway, we’ve got some great pieces for you this issue. Lots of good fiction and nonfiction, as well as our usual fantastic poetry.  We’re still undergoing changes over on our end with striking a balance of content and trying to keep each issue clean (not too cluttered with work) so we’ll be working on the right amount in each issue. We’re also going to be working on something very cool soon. Keep an eye on our website and stay subscribed to our email list for the news.

As always, please let your friends, family, and fans know this issue is now available. We look forward to more issues and more great words.

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K. Andrew Turner



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