Volume 1, Issue 4

Welcome to the last issue of Volume 1. It’s been a fantastic year! Thank you to all our contributors and readers. You guys are fantastic! Keep spreading the word. I am hoping we can continue to grow the magazine into something super awesome for you all.

Below is the table of contents for this issue. It’s really amazing. We have repeat writers (because they are phenomenal!) and some new names!

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  • Please Olivia, Let Me Be Your Messiah, Please!, John Brantingham
  • Ordinariness, Israel Okwuje
  • Shogun, Steven Stam
  • The Barterer, Rick Stepp-Bolling
  • Excerpt from The Animal Fair, Jeffery Selbst
  • The Accident Of Birth, Liz Tynes Netto
  • Beach Carnival, Chase Burke


  • Say Twelve Hail Marys, John Cárdenas
  • The Blond, Clifton Snider
  • Gone, Eugene Goldin
  • Delicious, into the Golden, Michael Cooper
  • 28 years, Cindy Rinne
  • Last of the Gypsies, Ryan Pratt
  • The Interrogator In Retirement, Martin Ott
  • Tango is, Ana-Lia Marinelli
  • Faith, Jared A. Carnie
  • Hanging On, Clifton Snider
  • Anti-Color Is The Crow, Lukas Hall
  • Emily As A Secret Creature, Darren Demaree
  • Empty out, Amelia Fleetwood
  • Office Space, Shannon Philips
  • Sonogram, Denise Weeks
  • Loosen Up The Buttons, Sergei A. Smirnoff
  • ventilator dreams, Thomas R. Thomas
  • Audition, Martin Ott
  • Russian Artists Are All The Same, Sergei A. Smirnoff
  • Everything is Terrible, Natalie Morales
  • Eye of a Needle, Clifton Snider
  • Ethereal Outline, Raquel Reyes-Lopez
  • When PB&J became J&J, Gary Imperial
  • Four Hours Ago, Sergei A. Smirnoff
  • The Quantum Theory of Light, Simon Kurtis Rhee
  • Data Entry, Shannon Philips
  • Roi, Raquel Reyes-Lopez
  • Barfleur Normandi, Amelia Fleetwood
  • Acceptance, Clifton Snider
  • Broke, Simon Kurtis Rhee
  • Close Door, Jared A. Carnie
  • Emily As Blood Between Rocks, Darren Demaree
  • Lunatic, Eugene Goldin
  • Based On The Depth Of A Cloud’s Mind, Lukas Hall
  • Tigers, Amelia Fleetwood
  • Emotion, Hong-My Basrai
  • Hummingbird, Lukas Hall
  • Dinner twice a year, Shannon Philips
  • Still Life, Simon Kurtis Rhee
  • Overheard Conversation of a Vampire Talking to a Jehovah Witness, Gary Imperial
  • Honey Water, Elmast Kozloyan
  • earth cover, Cindy Rinne
  • Star Chasing, Thomas R. Thomas
  • Rogue Planet, Clifton Snider


  • Daddy’s Little Penny, Terri MartinLujan
  • Homeless, Ana-Lia Marinelli


  • Staff Article: The Trouble with Time in Memoir, Alana Saltz
  • Staff Article: You have permission to write crap


  • Staff Review: Love Is the Higher Law, K. Andrew Turner
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