Volume 1, Issue 1

Our first issue! Writers from all over the world have contributed to this publication. Some of the fine writers featured in this issue are Ayobami AdebayoJohn Brantingham, John F. Buckley, Donna Hilbert, Tamara Madison, Sara McBride, Layla Messner, Clifton Snider, Thomas R. Thomas, and Daniel Woody, among other fine artists.

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Full list of authors:

  • Ayobami Adebayo
  • Leah Angstman
  • Roger Aplon
  • Lloyd Aquino
  • J. Bradley
  • John Brantingham
  • John F. Buckley
  • Sue Buckwell
  • Jared A. Carnie
  • V.E. Duncan
  • Jeffrey Graessley
  • Donna Hilbert
  • B.J. Jones
  • Yevgeniy Levitskiy
  • Tamara Madison
  • Sara McBride
  • Layla Messner
  • Sherri Murphy-Jacobs
  • Zack Nelson Lopiccolo
  • Kevin Ridgeway
  • Daniel Romo
  • Alana Saltz
  • Roy Anthony Shabla
  • Clifton Snider
  • Thomas R. Thomas
  • Daniel Woody
  • Elder Zamora
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