01 Feb

Get Vol.1 Issue 4 Now!

We’ve got the final issue of volume 1 hot off the metaphorical presses for your reading pleasure for just $4.50. (Previous issues are also available for the discounted price of $3.99 each.)

Thanks to all the new and returning talent featured in issue 4; you’re what makes East Jasmine Review such a great read! Also check out our staff articles and review at the end.

Keep on writing! Submissions for the volume 2, issue 1 will open soon!

05 Nov

Vol.1, Issue 3 is out!

Check out all the great talent we’ve got lined up for you in the third issue of volume 1. It’s only $4.50—about the same price as a magazine at the newsstand near you, except that East Jasmine Review has zero advertisements!

If you have a piece in issue 3, please promote the issue through all your channels—it helps all of us when subscribers buy East Jasmine. Thanks so much for all your hard work, writers! We’re looking forward to putting out the final issue of volume 1 early next calendar year.